How to Use

Now 500 Ft/Lbs and 5 to 1!

Cheater Bar 1000 5x FIG-24ANow 500 Ft/Lbs and 5 to 1!

With removable head the CheaterBar 1000 will fit in an 18″ toolbox

Caution:        Use care when using the Ratchet Helper to tighten, Use a torque wrench to measure the tightness, you could strip off the threads or break the bolt off in the hole. Because of friction in the gearbox, torque measurements could be off as much as (±20%) when using The Ratchet Helper. We recommend that you don’t use the Ratchet Helper for final torquing of a bolt or nut. Also, be aware the Ratchet Helper exerts Up to 500 Ft/Lbs of torque while removing bolts, so don’t use more toque than the bolt was designed to take, you could break off the head or strip the threads. Also, remember that Ratchet Helper is a speed tool and torque multiplier in one and to have the tool turned on the correct side for what it is you are doing. The handle or reaction arm, is to be placed against a solid surface that will withstand all the torque you exert, tool could scratch or dent sheet metal and painted surfaces, take care not to place the reaction arm on any surface that can be damaged. Please read User Agreement.


Cheater Bar 25X 1000 FIG-22A







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