CheaterBar 1000
CheaterBar 1000

The Ratchet Helper™ NOW 5 To 1 (includes one drive piece)

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Torque Multiplier Still

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The Ratchet Helper™ now gives your ratchet 5X the power and 5X the speed, break loose bolts with up to 500Ft/lbs of torque. The advantage is equal to a 5’ pipe on a handle of a standard ½ inch ratchet, but the strain is not on the ratchet with the Ratchet Helper™ by CheaterBar™. Then flip it over and zip them out at 5 times the speed, no power tools needed. The Ratchet Helper™ is a hand tool that goes between your socket and ratchet ( or breaker bar ) to increase both power and speed to get the job done fast. We suggest using impact sockets for high torques. Remove tight bolts and nuts quickly with tools that fit in your toolbox. The Ratchet Helper™ is a must for anyone that turns a wrench in their day, mechanics, farmers, oilfield workers, commercial ships, building supervisors, or just a car guy on the weekends. You may not need the Ratchet Helper™ everyday, but, “When you need it, you need it™”.

Includes one drive piece.

With removable head the CheaterBar 1000 will fit in an 18″ toolbox

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Weight; 3.5 Lbs

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 21.25 x 2.5 x 3.25 in
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