Speed Wrench

The CheaterBar is light, 1/3 of any other torque multiplier, yet can be used as a speed wrench unlike any other torque multiplier, just flip it over.

Lug nuts are often difficult to remove, the CheaterBar will make them a breeze to remove. Break them all loose and then zip them off at 5 times the speed. Lug nut removal is the number one use of the CheaterBar. Most torque multipliers are heavy and no one else’s can be used as a speed wrench. A long pipe on a handle of a ratchet will often break the ratchet, an expensive mistake, even breaker bars can be destroyed in this way.

With the CheaterBar, the torque is on the output side and the ratchet is on the low torque input side, saving the tool. Lug nuts get rusted in place, over tightened by air tools and are nearly impossible to remove with standard tools. The CheaterBar costs only as much as a good ratchet and saves you time, energy and replacing those costly ratchets.

The CheaterBar is good for all kinds of lug nuts, but especially cars, trucks and smaller equipment, CheaterBar is not meant for large motor homes or semi’s lug nuts but may work well for them too. The CheaterBar fits in an 18″ tool box, try that with a 5′ pipe, and a pipe can not be used as a speed wrench.

.Its great at removing rusted bolts, rusted nuts and then zip them out.