By Mr. Tech on November 5, 2014

I love this tool. Gets into places where i can’t use a long pipe for leverage. I use this tool on cars and in plumbing except in plumbing i have to hold the body of the part before applying force.
This tool seems to have solved the strength problems of do it yourselfers (DIY) to complete the job :
>Multiplies my strength 4X using a gear system in its head.
>Uses 1/2″ drives input and output (so I can use inexpensive Harbor Freight sockets).
>User replaceable drive piece designed to break, limiting the output torque to 500 ft-lbs before the tool does (at 530 ft-lbs). [If the removal requires more than 500 ft-lbs, let someone else do it.]
>Can return the car bolts to approximately the spec torque with the aid of a torque wrench.
Bad = 1.Too bad it doesn’t come in a nice case (but that would increase the price). 2.The input and multiplier outputs are not marked so i nail polished an M & arrow on one side.