Torque Multiplier and Speed Wrench in One

The Ratchet helper™ is a jack-of-all-trades. It breaks loose the tough bolts and then zips them out. How can it do both? By changing the way that Torque multipliers are designed, by having the input and output both be a ½” drive, the drive piece can be put in either side using the same gearbox in opposite directions. This gives the Ratchet Helper™ the ability to be all things to all people and meet the challenges todays world demands. Other torque multiplier like tools have a larger output side with a ¾” or larger drive and who has sockets for that? We have specially hardened ½” drive pieces that can withstand 500 ft/lbs of torque, that’s more than enough for almost any job. True you might not need the Ratchet Helper™ everyday but, “when you need it, you need it” ™. Don’t get caught with out it, get your Ratchet Helper™ today!

Cheater Bar 1000 5x FIG-24A