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The Ratchet Helper is a useful and unique tool designed with the user in mind. Any hand tool can be hazardous if used without common sense.


!! Do not use Ratchet Helper above your head or in circumstances that impede your control of the tool. Be careful not drop the tool on yourself or others as this can create injury.

!! Do not brace the reaction bar handle on unsecured surfaces, the full torque of the tool rests on this handle, so place it against a solid surface or secure in a safe way so it can not spin or rotate causing injury.

!! A great amount of torque is created on the head of the bolt or nut when using the tool as a power multiplier; wear safety glasses and gloves to protect you if the bolt or socket breaks.

!! Do not use standard sockets on torques above 150 Ft/Lbs. Use Quality impact sockets instead 

!! Do not use above the maximum output torque of 500 Ft/Lbs Ratchet Helper is not designed to go above this limit.

!! Do not use with power tool when using as a speed tool.

!! Do not use the Ratchet Helper if it is damaged or if the other tools you are using are not rated for the job. We suggest a quality impact socket for high torques.

!! Again, it is Maximum 100 ft/Lbs in, and 500 Ft/lbs out when using as a power multiplier, and 100 Ft/Lbs in when using as a speed multiplier.

!! If two Ratchet Helpers are used, stacked for more power, the ratio is 25 to 1, the output must not exceed 500 Ft/Lbs, so the input must not exceed 20 Ft/Lbs input when 2 Ratchet Helpers are stacked..

!! Do not use power or manual impact tools with Ratchet Helper, they will rip the teeth off the gears and damage the tool beyond use. We suggest using hand tools to drive the Ratchet Helper, such as a ratchet or breakerbar; a torque wench is best when reaching the maximum torque to insure that an output torque of 500 Ft/Lbs is not exceeded.

!! If the removable drive piece is broken, then more than likely you have exceeded the output torque of 500 Ft/Lbs maximum as it is designed to break just over the maximum torque. This is done to protect the Ratchet Helper from damage. Damage can still occur with improper use.

!! Do not carry or suspend Ratchet Helper by the reaction handle, this handle is solely designed to prevent the Ratchet Helper tool gear head from turning when in use. Handle may dislodge from the tool head if not supported. The reaction handle is removable for convenient storage in a toolbox.

!! Do not improvise a new removable drive piece, these are specifically designed for the Ratchet Helper, damage or injury can occur. Use only original Ratchet Helper replacement parts.

!! Do not use Ratchet Helper for pounding, striking, or hitting any object or surface. This could cause cracking or other failures in the Ratchet Helper tool and will void the warranty.

 !! Always wear safety glasses, gloves and other safety gear to protect yourself when using Ratchet Helper or any hand tool.

!! An exact torque CANNOT be achieved with the Ratchet Helper because of internal friction of the gears, without an output torqmeter. (± 20%)

Caution:        Use care when using Ratchet Helper to tighten, use a torque wrench to measure the tightness, you could strip off the threads or break the bolt off in the hole. Because of friction in the gearbox, torque measurements could be off as much as (±20%) when using Ratchet Helper. We recommend that you don’t use the Ratchet Helper for final torquing of a bolt or nut. Also, be aware, the Ratchet Helper exerts Up to 400 Ft/Lbs of output torque while removing bolts, so don’t use more toque than the bolt was designed to take, you could break off the head or strip the threads.

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