Ratchet Helper is a complete reworking of the traditional torque multiplier. Most people have never heard of a torque multiplier, and not many that have heard of it, actually own one. We present it as a brand new tool because it is.

Here Is Why.

By placing a rating of 500 Ft/Lbs on the tool instead of 2000 Ft/Lbs, we are able to produce a tool with unique attributes.

The Ratchet Helper is far less expensive than the traditional torque multiplier, At $99.95 it comes in at about 1/10th or less of the price. This places Ratchet Helper in a whole new price bracket, affordable to the average consumer.

The drive piece that goes in the socket is removable and can be placed in the other side, making the tool a 5 to 1 speed tool. No one else does that.

By lowering the maximum torque rating it is able to have both sides of the tool be ½” drive instead of ¾” plus. Very few people have sockets with larger than ½” drive. No one else does that.

The head is made out of aluminum saving weight, the Ratchet Helper is less than a 1/3rd the weight of its traditional counterparts. Also aluminum does not spark, making it a safer choice for industries where fire safety is a concern including the petroleum industry. No one else does that either.

The removable drive piece, being made to fail just over 500 Ft/Lbs of torque is a safety feature. The tool itself can withstand around 650 Ft/Lbs of torque.

The Ratchet Helper’s handle is removable so the tool fits in a 18” toolbox. We named CheaterBar after a length of pipe that people use for leverage on the handle of a ratchet. A 5’ pipe does not fit in a toolbox, nor does it act as a speed wrench. A pipe can also destroy a ratchet or even a breaker bar. With the Ratchet Helper the drive tool is on the soft or low torque side, saving the tool.

With 500 Ft/Lbs of torque, more torque than a stock Chevy 350 V8 engine produces, Ratchet Helper has more than enough power for just about any job or trade.